"In 1984, I came across my first book on quilting. It was on classic patchwork techniques, in country style."


Maruska's passion for the art of patchwork has lasted for over thirty years now.

Petit Patch atelier was born from the desire to create a place where people can meet in a creative space where dreams can come true. In the atelier you'll find a unique world that revolves entirely around our favorite form of art: patchwork. Here we are dedicated to the creation and making of quilts and hand made products using specific materials and techniques.

A quilt never sees the light by chance. Emotions, feelings and hopes are expressed and made real, stitch after stitch, with your own hands, to enrich and bare lasting witness to a unique state of being in your life. 

Who makes quilts has to recognize and feel the soul of the quilt, and be aware that it's not about holding a piece of material in your hand but the feelings and emotions of who created it. This is why quilting with a Gammill Longarm, adds value to value. Your work will be complete. 

Petit Patch atelier... Creating Art